My name is Jeremy Fiedler and I am a scooter rider from South Australia. I initially was inspired to start scooting when I saw a guy do tricks down my street. That night I begged my parents for my own scooter. It took a lot of convincing but I eventually got one…one with very large wheels. That didn’t matter, I learnt how to do bunny hops on it and after getting my first K-Mart Trick Scooter, I started learning more and more tricks. My mate Tim and I would go to the skatepark every weekend and practise tail whips, 360’s and all other kinds of basic tricks at the time. My next upgrade was to a MGP Pro Scooter before the company Scooter Hut became popular, and I ordered a Custom Pro Scooter. The better the scooter and the more practise I did, the better the tricks I started to land.

One day at the skatepark with my friend Tim, I took a really hard stack and knocked myself out. Blood was dripping down my arms while I was being rushed to the doctors. I was thinking: “I will never ride a scooter again!”  

After a year I found the courage and passion to ride again. I began visiting different skateparks around Adelaide and met new friends (Ky, Noah, Will and more). We learnt from each other and I found a whole new group to ride with. By then I was taking scooter riding more and more seriously, and decided to enter my very first competition.

I came first!

That’s when I knew I wanted to keep going with the sport. I quickly became passionate about filming my days at the skatepark and sharing it online, that within a couple of months my YouTube channel grew thousands of subscribers.

In 2016 I qualified for the Australian ASA Titles for the very first time but came last. That wasn’t so bad, it was definitely worth the experience.

I kept practising throughout the next year, competing my way back up to the 2017 Australian ASA Titles at the Bunker indoor skatepark in Melbourne. Out of 50 riders in my age group and with two consistent runs, I came 13th!

It was only a few weeks later when I broke my ankle in two different places at West Beach skatepark. That set me back 10 weeks in a cast plus the few weeks I had to wait until I was strong enough to get back on my scooter. After hours spent at the physio I began the slow, painful task of relearning the tricks I had already learnt before breaking my ankle.

Five weeks went by until I relearnt all of the tricks I could do before my injury. Now I am working hard to push myself again and continue growing my YouTube channel.

I would like to send a huge shout out to all the people who have helped me get where I am today.