'Jeremy's Pre Owned' is a whole page of selling my 'Pre Owned' Scooter Parts & all kinds of other accessories! 

Some of these Scooter Parts or 'items' i will be selling can be 2nd hand or some even BRAND NEW! Many of these items have been used by myself in the past and some i have been handed to or won at Scooter Competitions.

Please Note: Some parts can be "warn down, battered, cracked or damaged" as they have been used in the past. I set the prices accordingly and also show images of the defects on these items.

Also you might see a few of the exact same product on this page: This is because i am selling 2, 3 or sometimes even 5 of the same item.

Please Note: Anything that is being sold on this page (Jeremy's Pre Owned) goes by the **NO RETURNS** Rule.